Little Monster Boy

August 5, 2012
By AdamW SILVER, Savannah, Georgia
AdamW SILVER, Savannah, Georgia
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Well I fell through the roof
My body aches and my eyes can't take the light
Flooding through the blinds, keeping me awake
And I've been avoiding the call from my mind telling me it's over
This little monster boy is greedy and jealous,
But he's been hurt and been through hell
Crying over a broken heart and words left unspoken
He'll lock himself away until he can believe it when he says he's okay

Remember, not all of me is here
I'm not steady or ready to walk down this hall or even stand on my own
Much less help the monster pull himself from under my bed
But times will change and will change the song in this heart
Tearing apart my life, moving on to the next act of my life
I'll start this next part by living every day like I never knew you

I can't believe I'm almost free
With no chains or bars, holding me down
I'm bringing sunshine back to this place
And I'll bring the monster up off of his knees

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