one last dance with the devil

August 2, 2012
By lomakye SILVER, Parker, Colorado
lomakye SILVER, Parker, Colorado
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I danced with the devil only to learn i got burned in return for my love
Would you forgive me if I said truly sorry
Would you think it evil of me to fall in love
Would it be wrong to dance in the flames of your love
Would it be wrong of me to think wrong of you for protecting me
Would commitment be so hard if we were stronger
Well would you forgive me if I said I was sorry
Would you still love me if I told you the truth
I think it would be wrong if you led me on
I think you would be wrong to devote yourself to only I
To think highly of myself would be a tragic mistake
To love ask for my heart back would be a sin
To keep your lock away would destroy me
To lead me on make me lead you on and leading you on rips out my heart
To know you’re in pain hurts me just as well
To not know your okay hurts me more
Saying you love me may be true but it only make it worse
Saying I love you only make you feel guilty
But is saying you love true could you love me the way I love you
In saying you love me you say I am the only
Your only
If you tell me im it ill take you back
But would you take me back after all that happened
After all we went through after all the tears and pain that’s been shared
After all the pain you kept to yourself and all the fear I hid from you
At the end of the day you must ask your self is our love enough to keep you here with me
You said forever, Forever and always Forever and ever
But is your forever the same as mine or are we just lost in this time we shared together
The passion we had will it stay
Will it come back or will it leave us will it leave me the way you may one day
Well why would you stay is there reason is there want is there a need is there anything at all
Well what my reason what my need is there anything keeping me here in this moment
Is there truly anything keeping us together in this moment
Is there any truth to these word I speak is there truly any love in your heart for me any longer
What you and I feel is it truly love or just a deep understanding
Is our love long enough to last the through the storm
Or is our love nothing more than summer fun for one
Is the agony I feel worth keeping to myself
Is the agony you keep to yourself worth feeling
Would love me forever and always without question

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