For Us

August 4, 2012
By AriiLynn SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
AriiLynn SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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Pam Brown

You ever feel
Like your lost
In the wind
And you
Cant find your way back home
Again and
Do you ever feel like I’m gone from you
Because I always feel that way
That way
But I’m, I’m never gone
Gone from you
Baby you know that I
I love you
I do and
Now isn’t the best time for us
But im gonna try and make it big for us
For us ´5
And now
They got the words
Words to this song
And I’ll
I’ll never
Ever get to sing them to you
Because there not my words any more
Oh no, no
I took, took a chance
Chance for us
For us
But they don’t even like
Like my words
Words my words
But I promise you I’ll get, get them back
Back them back
Cause I’m tryna
Tryna make it big for us
For us ´5
So I
I maybe gone
Gone right now
But I will be home, home somehow
How some how
I love ya
And I’ll
I’ll be home soon
Tell the kids the family I
I said hi
For us ´5

The author's comments:
This song is about a woman who's family is having financial troubles and she decides to try and become famous to support her family.

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