Always Winter

July 24, 2012
Verse 1:
Snowflakes fall
Everywhere I go
They follow
All the way home

They remind me
Of the day you left
It was so perfect
Cuz I didn't know yet

That you would have to say goodbye
You would leave me here all alone to cry
You said "Someday I'll come back ad pass you by
You won't even notice me"

Well I'm still waiting for that day to come
So I can tell you that you were so wrong
You can't just leave me here on my own
It's always winter without you here next to me

Verse 2:
I put on my coat
And step outside
See you standing there
Right before my eyes

The sun comes out
And the snow goes away
Then I wake up in my bed
Can't start a new day

Because you had to say goodbye etc.

Spring will never come
My heart's breaking all over again
We'll stay in the same dead end place
It's getting harder to pretend

That I'm not getting sick of winter
I need a snow angel to save me
I need you here
I'm getting cold and sleepy
Help me
Save me...

Chorus x2

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