My Dear Fake Romeo

July 27, 2012
By scoobiibaby54 PLATINUM, San Antonio, Texas
scoobiibaby54 PLATINUM, San Antonio, Texas
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Dear fake Romeo of mine,
You're without your real love darling
Don't try to pull me to you
Cuz I found out who you really are
So I'm writing this letter to you
Goodbye, I'm moving on

Do you know how many tears I cried for you?
It's not worth it
I had to move on
I can't say I'm sorry
I can't say I'll miss you
Cuz that will make me hold on to you

I gotta let you go,I gotta break your hold
I got him and I don't wanna go back to you
I'm moving on without you
I can't stand it
But this is something I gotta do
Romeo, Romeo, Juliet's saying goodbye
She's gonna stop her crying

I'm trying not to think about you
I'm not looking your way anymore
My tears are gone
The girl I used to be is gone and you should know now
Now I'm going, I can't stay
I gotta say goodbye

Goodbye, goodbye dear "love" of mine
I'm going to be fine in time

My dear fake Romeo, Juliet writes,
Don't pretend you're the one
I'm done, so I'm gonna wipe my eyes
I'm not going to die for you

When you said forever,
I should've known you meant never
I should've seen the guy you are
Instead of this Romeo you pretended you were

Take your dagger back
It's your love and reality that you're lacking
So take a reality check
Cuz Romeo I broke your hold
Goodbye my dear fake Romeo
-No more yours,

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