July 27, 2012
By KillerMiller BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
KillerMiller BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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somethings wrong with my brain. its drive me insane. so i ran from my domain. I'm now driving in the rain faster than train and a plane in the fast lane.this isn't a video game there was no one to blame when i caused that hydroplane. then the cops came i told them my address and my name and they asked me what happened. i said well i was rapin with my radio blasting my stereo then things started getting scary yo. there was a big crash then a big splash now i got a big gash in my head I'm lucky I'm not dead. that became a paradox to the cops they threw me in jail cell with no bail. I'm insane with the same insane pain stain in the domain the vein of my brain. I'm stuck behind bars with noises in my head. there's screaming and loud cars i Guss those people are dead. i cant run i cant hind, cant set this aside the only way out is through suicide. i cant imagine me with with this kind of tragedy but how can anyone envy me a a M.C if they can see me or publish my CD. I'm insane. i yell i cant stand this jail i hate this cell why cant someone just pay my bail I'm sorry i wont drive like grand theft auto i need to see my Monte Carlo by tomorrow. I'm insane with the same insane pain stain in the domain the vein of my brain. that's it i cant take it i hate this insane pain i cant shake it when i told the guards they told me i need to I'mprove to fake it. i then blew a whistle. the guard turned around and i took his pistil. i then had fun with that gun and then i aI'm for my brain I'm insane.

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