Optimistic Friend

July 22, 2012
It was a smile you could tell was fake,

So how come no one said anything?

When the world was at a point,

I could no longer take,

No one asked what was wrong.

All I can ask is, what does this mean?

It was the first time I didn't put the effort in,

And you'd think they'd notice something.

When they cry, I'm there.

So just because there's no tears,

It doesn't matter?

If there was a memo, show me where.

The smile was forced,

But not painfully so.

It was weak,

When I should've been laughing.

I could tell you what the problem is,

But first you'd have to care about this.

The problem was me.

It was my attitude about things.

The fact that I couldn't be changed.

The negativity, the over-reacting.

The fact that it wasn't eating at me,

But I tore myself up anyway.

So if I were crying,

And I smiled through the tears,

Would you believe me then?

Would I still be your optimistic friend?

I know very well you saw through that smile.

Because it was barely even there.

And if you truly didn't see,

Then you don't really care about me.


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