H.M.S. RelationShip

July 22, 2012
Get out...
Get out...
while you still can...
this is quickly becoming a sinking ship
and I am the Captain...

Save yourself the heart ache,
get in the lifeboats while there's room,
because soon enough, we're both going
to go under, and we'll sink to our doom.

Get out,
get out, while you can...
this is now a sinking ship,
and I'm a man;

So there's nothing you can say or do,
we've hit too many icebergs,
get out to safety;
women and children first...

Get out, get out, while you can...
this is now a sunken ship,
on the bottom of the ocean,
you're up there on the surface,
and we're down here on the floor,
gasping our last breath of air.

Save yourself the pain of this love,
it was a star-crossed vessel; set sail for doom.
There's no stopping it now, so don't
bother with holding your breath,
there used to be room for both of us, the two,
but now it seems to me, that you'll be free,
and I'll go down in the deep blue...

Get out, get out, while you still can,
this is a sinking ship,
and I am the captain, and the crew...

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