Fly Away

July 8, 2012
By Misunderstood99 BRONZE, Christiansburg, Virginia
Misunderstood99 BRONZE, Christiansburg, Virginia
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If I told you I didn't want forever anymore
What would you do
What would you say
Would I regret it and beg for you and all your love

I pull you in and hold you tight
Then leave and beg till you take me back
I don't know why I can't stop hurtin' you

So...oh oh...
Why don't I just leave and end us for good
You wouldn't have to deal with me anymore
You would be free and I'd fly away
Fly away like a bird in the sky
Fly away

My dreams are different from your reality
We want different things from life
And I don't think I can make you happy with the life I want


I'm gone, I'm gone away
I've spread my wings again
You don't need me anyway
Makin' you happy is impossible with the way I was raised
Now I'm takin' off and flyin' away
Far away

(Chorus 2)
You're free and I'm flyin' away
Fly away
I'm chasin' my dreams
While you're livin' your reality
I'm so glad we fixed it all
Fly away to destiny
No more mistakin' and no more fakin'
This is the end and a beginnin' too
Fly, flyin' away

Woah oh oh woah woah ohh

The author's comments:
The relationship and break up with a guy really inspired me to write this because I felt so confused and everything with him but I didn't want to hurt him. We finally agreed we should quit trying to make it work and just be friends. We also agreed that we want different things so I put that in the song. I feel free now that I'm not with him because I can find someone that wants the same kind of things that I want. Being free is always better than trying to make someone happy and feeling caged in.

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