MY Rise

July 16, 2012
By just_kids_ BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
just_kids_ BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
I stick Behind My Bars but You Don't have to Free Me

Verse 1: We were all in the picture but you know I had to crop
Ain’t nothing personal this is my job
Seen a lot pain lost teardrops
People like me are cool when there hot
And that same mentality makes a hot shot
And that same mentality puts you on the top
This is my time I’m ready to pop it off

Verse 2: ‘twas the night before my rise sun came up
All you could see was my shine
My potential could cause you to be blind
But I won’t forget the hard nights
Occasionally I’ll take a rewind
Looking at memories a trip in my mind
Put it all together bind
No criminal record but this is a crime
To make it to this point I had to pay my time
Dollar and dream started off with a dime
I am an indie because I am not signed
Born an original not a design
Raised in the thought that the world could be mine

Verse 3: 15 seconds of fame more like 15 minutes
All I do is win because I’m in it to win it
Never going to quit I’ll fight to the finish
Trying to make my own records Guinness
Always hype never timid
Sprint the whole marathon because I’m on a mission
They all caught my bait but I honestly I wasn’t fishing

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This is my first post please comment

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