Criss Angel vs Freddy Krueger

July 10, 2012
By Anonymous

Criss- Are you ready? You're defeat will be tragic.
You're just a bogeyman, I'm the God of Magic.
Get ready for a Mindfreak. This one will be a scare,
Just like your awful movies. Man, those we're a nightmare.
But this ain't Elm St. You're in Criss's territory.
Like your flicks, I'm gonna leave you in a gory mess.
How can anyone think that you're scary?
You think that you're a monster? Nah, you're just a fairy.

Freddy- Look what we got here, a hocus-pocus liar.
You may have walked on water, but you're far from a Messiah.
Everything you do is smoke and mirrors. It's all wrong.
I may just take you seriously when you write a real song.
Mindfreak? Really? How about you drop the "mind" part.
My knives will tear your flesh and cut out your heart.
I kill people in their sleep, and you think you can revel?
You may be an Angel, but I'm a devil.

Criss- Devil? Far from. You're a temperamental child.
Drop the butter knives, and prepare for something wild.
I'll make you disappear with my rhymes like David Blaine.
If you think you're on my level, then I think that you're insane.
I lit myself on fire, yet you're scared of some steam.
The only place that you can get me is in my dreams.
I've already won this battle. Yeah, I know. That was fast.
By the way, Jason Voorhees totally kicked you're a**.

Freddy- Wait! It's not over! I'm back for the sequel.
You mentioned David Blaine? You're not even close to his equal.
I spanned eight movies and was even remade.
Your crappy TV show won't last another day.
Welcome to Prime Time, b****! You heard me right.
You're a Copperfield rip-off. I'm the master of fright.
Quit trying to fool the world with your magical lies.
Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a street to terrorize.


The author's comments:
I love both these guys, so I figured I would make the two of them fight it out in a battle to see who had the best beats. Comment with who you thought won!

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