July 10, 2012
In the beginning
Your smiles got me haunted
Every night I felt exhausted
With the sheets on over me

I thought you were different
Everyone's the same
And myself to blame
I cut it

In the end
It ends in apology
Just like before
It's not the first time

But I thought it was different
But I always seem to repeat
Nothing, it ends at feet
Nothing, it ends right hear

Lay me down to rest
For my final test
It was too much
Guess it was too much

Baby, I don't get these words

And baby, I want to say I'm sorry
But it's never that easy
I tried to break the habit
But I always get into it

And baby, You got to admit
You led me on from the start
Forget my heart
And every beat

When you were near
It was nothing but steady
And know I guess I'm ready
For the punchline

But I guess that was me
(But I guess that was me)
Yeah, I guess it was me
(Yeah, I guess it was me)

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