Angels will fall

June 30, 2012
By Anonymous

Verse 1
No one seems to notice
the pain in their eyes
they scream but no one seems to hear
when they cry his heart aches
with a heart so big,
he can reach out to them
with open arms he will love

When your lost and your going wrong
turn around to the angels above
and when it's 3 am and your screaming
angels will fall

Verse 2
They have on a mask of happiness
no one seems to notice
they try to hide the pain
their knees scraped, their elbows bleeding, and their hearts broken
they pray for mercy

Angels will fall down tonight
hope and faith will keep us alive
with open arms waiting
and tonight angels will fall

Verse 3
Don't be afraid
just believe you will heal
you will love and be loved
open your heart

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece awhile ago, for the children who are in oppression around the world.

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