The Flight

June 30, 2012
I'm surrounded by all these people, all eyes on me, are they telling me to give up, no that would be silly, my mind is spinning, now they're voices are screaming stop, my dream is waiting just around the block.

All I'm thinking is to just give up, I should listen to the people, but i have a good feeling just to keep going, I'm ready, I'm ready to take a hold of what I need to do to get through this flight.

CHORUS: Push the world aside, that's what you have to do on this flight, is to push the world aside. (3x)

As i keep thinking this is quite funny; why did I care about those people? No one will ever know, just get it off my mind and push the world aside.

I made it through my flight, now my dream is my flight, because I pushed the world aside.

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