Fighting Strong

July 3, 2012
There's no way out
Don't scream and shout
The world is cold
As you've been told

CHORUS: And I'm not scared
I know I should be
'Cuz you're not with me
But I've made it this far
I know someday I'll be a star
With or without you
I know what I can do
So I will fly
I can touch the sky
Just don't forget me
Look to the stars and you will see
I found a way
It'll be okay

You've been caught up in lies
Even with my angry cries
You believed every one
You said we were done


You have your reasons
But I've seen all seasons
You don't get it
You just quit


All is lost
You went out on a limb
I hoped for the best
How long could we have kept it up
Kept it up
Forget it
Cuz you're not worth my time
I'll be standing up there
With the great heros
I'll do something with my life


I'm with the shining stars

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