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Not Good Enough to Call Me Myself

I used to run away to see how long it would take someone
It took no time at all because it never happened
I used to lay on the grass and wait for the world to end
It took no time at all because to me it was already dead

That was before I gave up
That was after I fell down
This world bends in an unruly way
This world tends to break me every day

I used to think there could be no wrong
Then I learned that I couldn't be right
I used to blink without a care
Then I learned that it's not fair

It's not just magic anymore
Cause what I feel is less
Liar you told me different stories
Liar you told me fairy tales

I used to sit in the back of the room just thinking of you
Until the day you broke my heart
I used to tear the grass out and blow it in the wind
Now I'm huddled up under sheets

Tell me how does this make sense
Tell me how do we go back
I want to turn back time
I want a second chance

I used to be such a nice kid
Now I turn my back on everyone
I used to be the helpful type
Now I can't rely on myself

And I know that I'm just a fool
And I know that I can't change you
And I know that I'm just a tool
And I know that I can't change me

I used to cry every night
Call me a liar
I used to be that guy
Call me and forget me

Is this what I'm destined to be
Is this what you pictured for me
Is this what I was sent to be
Is this what you meant for me

I used to...
Now I can't do
I used to be...
Now look at me

I guess I'm just a loner
I guess I'm just a p***y
I guess I never knew better
I guess I should forget her

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