Why I Had to Say Goodbye

July 6, 2012
You were never there
when I needed you to be.
You never cared
when I needed someone to help me.

I was breaking slowly.
You were moving quickly.
I got scared,
and I'm not even sorry
Cause I had every reason to be.

It's okay,
cause my heart's not even broken.
I'm okay,
No apologies will be spoken.

Cause I never liked you anyways,
I only liked what I thought you could be.
I never really wanted you,
I only wanted someone to love me
and you couldn't even do that right.
That's why I had to say goodbye.

Last time I check,
My problems weren't an excuse.
I'm sorry
I couldn't be happy enough for you.

I was trying so hard,
You weren't trying at all.
Talking to you
Was like talking to a wall.

You never cared
You never listened
But it's okay
Cause my heart's not even broken.


Before you start pointing fingers,
maybe you should look in the mirror.
I'm not the only guilty one.

I'd tell you I miss you,
But it's not even true.
I hate who you have become.


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