Hard To Forget

July 6, 2012
By Anonymous

I know many people, but few do I call friends.
Friends are people who stand by you time and time again.
Some friends turn out golden, some good friends go bad.
But I just noticed I'm hanging with the best friend I ever had.

(Chorus) And I'm so glad to be with you at this moment, you and I.
Because this moment really matters in my life.
And though these times may fade,
Lets hold onto the memories we have made.
Now at this time don't let your fear make you regret.
Because we have made some memories that are hard to forget.

Money can't buy friendship, I found out the hard way.
Friendships bought with trust and truth, those will always stay.
We may have our qaurrels, sometimes we may offend.
But one thing that we'll always have is the other for a friend. (Repeat Chorus Twice)

The author's comments:
My best friend inspired me to write this song.

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