Silent Love

June 29, 2012
By LoneWolf93 SILVER, South Riding, Virginia
LoneWolf93 SILVER, South Riding, Virginia
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Verse 1:
I go through shelves of books
Don’t mind people’s whispers and looks
I need some time for myself
So I sit and hide behind a shelf.
I see you looking all around
Your eyes hold mine, we make no sound
Tight black shirt and faded jeans
You look like the guy from my dreams.

I see your head buried in books
But that doesn’t sacrifice your looks
Alone you sit and alone you walk
We see each other all the time, but never talk.
I see the storms behind your eyes that shine
I believe they’re very much like mine
I’m wondering if it’s just a dream
Or maybe you’re exactly what you seem.
I just want to let you know
That if you’ll have me I’ll never let go
Love’s too precious to throw away
I know we both want to fall in love someday.

Verse 2:
I wander around in the crowded hall
You pass me by, I almost fall
I’d never thought I’d be so near
But in a flash you disappear.
I walk into the quiet place
I didn’t expect to see your face
Our eyes meet, but we don’t speak
But I’m dying to know is it love that you seek?

Is this all my fantasy?
Why are we hiding our love in secrecy?
Who are you and I supposed to be?
In your eyes, I see we share the same destiny.

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