Who we were.

June 28, 2012
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How can I look at him,
When you're still on my mind.
How can I learn to love him,
When I'm still wishing you were mine.
I realized I've been fooling myself for a long time,
Seeing you that day was the first sign.

I miss who we were,
The good the bad the boring.
I miss how I'd sneak over in the morning,
How we'd lay until noon,
Kept saying we'd get up soon.
The days dragged by,
The summer went by.

You started your new year,
Never thought I had anything to fear.
You realized that what we had wasn't good,
I still think if we had wanted to change, we could.
Goodbye was so simple, so quick,
I couldn't tell who you were anymore,
You made me so sick.

I miss who we were,
The fights, the drives,
I was always yours,
You were always mine.
I take a step back now,
See we're not the same,
You changed, you left somehow.

I've got his heart in my pocket,
You've got hers in your soul.
We still make contact,
When they don't know.
We talk in the night,
We pretend in the day.
You'll always be my best friend,
And we both knew things would one day have to end.

So I wave goodbye,
I'm holding my head high,
And making you the last thing on my mind,
Just for tonight, just for tonight.

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