I Love Us

June 14, 2012
By Kylie-o PLATINUM, Onsted, Michigan
Kylie-o PLATINUM, Onsted, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"People haven't always been there for me, but music has." -- Taylor Alison Swift

This won't be enough for the difficult times
But no matter what is thrown our way,
I promise I'll stand by your side
Because without you I wouldn't exist,
And from this moment right now I'll give this
My everything

It's the way you look in my eyes
And press your forehead to mine
The way you show your confidence
And the way you sing
Louder than my heart is beating inside of my chest

And I cant seem to sum this up
But if I could I'd say I love

Dancing in your living room
And falling asleep with your arm around me
Unafraid to be myself because every part of you
Matches every part of me
Afraid of whats ahead
But as long as we're laying in your bed, it's enough
Cause it's such a rush
And I, I, I love us

You can see the tears forming in my eyes
And I know it seems silly
But this is the happiest I've been in a while
We don't yell or scream or fight and we don't hesitate
To say whats running through our minds,
We constantly relate
And in the end, no wins and no one will lose
Cause if you down then I'll be sinking beside you

I can steal a glance from across the room
And without a word I know that looks says I love you too
And I know somewhere deep in my heart
That nothing could ever tear us apart

31st, 18th and 24th
Are days that I'll remember because they're forever ours

The author's comments:
No words to explain. Just music.

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