We're only young

May 23, 2012
By Anonymous

I should've known I had it coming
The moment these thoughts came rushing to my head
All teenagers need is a little love and excitement
And possibly social acceptance

Wait! Back up
The story begins
We were walking one night
Moonlight shining in his eyes
And he said to me
"Try it, its harmless, just this once"
It was our moment, our time
One life, only this night
So we let go
Recklessly having a good time

Its going good
But not good enough
Change is real
Change is here
I feel like blowing up

She calls me
10 in the morning
Saying "Where have you been? Tell me you didnt get high"
What could I say?
Everything was looking foggy
Oh but I knew she cared, knew she meant well
Yet I still screamed at her
Like a demon who'd just escaped hell
Why do we do this?

And never good enough
Breathing heavily now
No longer looking up
I felt the change from the minute I said "yes" right into his ear
We're only young
Dont wanna be messed up

I stand here now reflecting
Writing everything down I hear
I learned to enjoy my own company
I pushed everything back I swear
If I could take back a moment
Live it out another way
Collect my past, who I am
And throw it all away
In living the moment I knew
I was blowing it up too soon

Its looking rough
Thirsting for more and somehow
We never get enough

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