Do You Remember Me?

June 22, 2012
You remember me with his punk a-- attitude thinking he's so cool
Could be brought down by a single punch
And his unruly, uncut, too long, out of style do
It might just be too much

I remember you with your long bleach blonde hair hanging down
Just so pretty
And bright blue eyes that could captivate the sun
Then bring it down

And I'm saying that I'm not deserving
Deserving of a smile or twitch
Or anything slightly less than a pinch
Get me out this ditch

I'm tired of sitting here singing these songs to you
Is it getting to the point
The point where I'm just pathetic
Laid out I can't accept it

But I keep on singing
Like I'm still believing it
But I keep on singing
Like I'm still deserving it
But I keep on singing
Like it's helping it
But I keep on singing
Look I'm denying it

You remember me with issues that he couldn't get over
Acted like he's better than anyone else
And it's just to hide what he's feeling inside
You remember what I could never offer

I remember you never had a chance and never will
But I keep singing just for the overkill
And it's just a matter of time til you get your sublime
I remember you hiding your tears behind mascara

And I'm saying that you were never good at it
Faking a smile or stretching your denial
I'm tired of repeating my words
Cause it always messes up the meaning

But I keep on singing
Like I never bothered to
But I keep on singing
Do you remember me?

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