June 15, 2012
By Anonymous

I'm tired of being a piece of s**t
Every time I try a little less a bit
I try my best to forget
But you always help me to remember

Would it kill you to treat me right for a day?
All I hear is your voice today
Can I feel my Sun's rays?
Maybe just one more time

If you have a bullet
Then let me load it
All on a bad bet
Trying to forget

All I want to do
Is to trade a shoe
Maybe two
With me then you

Tell me what to do
It's what you've always been best at
That and ignoring me every chance you get
Guess what I'm saying is I'm sick of it

Of hearing your voice in the back of my skull
Still pounding like the first day
Of feeling your fist against my skull
Still hurting like the first time

Chicken noodle soup for the soul
Can not get me up anymore
Fallen to many times I'm sour
Can't you just leave this bore?

Tired of feeling this feeling
Dragging on every time
Finish off strong
One last line I guess I'm done

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