Break Free

June 6, 2012
All my scars are tearing open,
wounds all starting to bleed.
My heart is disintegrating
under the pressure of these

Weights that you're putting on me,
wrapped up in your chains,
immobile I'm restrained.
I'm the only one to blame.
I let you inside my mind and
you're taking over me.
Now that you're in there all the time
you're making it difficult to think.

Impossible to breathe,
I'm gasping for air.
I could rebel and get my freedom...
but i wouldn't dare.

Under your oppression
I'm becoming a mere possession
that you own for life;
but I'd rather die

than be stuck in this cage
held in by your rage.
Yearning for liberty
from you: my disease.

oh oh oh woah-oh
oh-oh oh oh

I have to break free
because you're killing me!
Let me out of your arms
so I can be able to see.

You were blinding me
with your false hopes and dreams;
anything to do with you
is never how it seems

I have to break free
run away; scream
I have to break free

oh oh oh woah-oh
oh-oh oh oh

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