Heart song

June 2, 2012
By Summerrain GOLD, Coldwater, Michigan
Summerrain GOLD, Coldwater, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
you have to live life forwards, but you can only understand it backwards.

The moon and the stars
there all so high, way up
into the dark night sky
i look up and ask myself why
as the tears keep falling
i let out a sigh
raining raining
the world starts shaking
turn around and i start thinking
life is a game,
the clock keeps ticking
my heart is beating
faster and faster
breaking my chest
it dies with laughter
blood drips slowly
down my face
i scream in pain
and rock this place
one boom of the bass
in this Victorian place
the walls start to crumble
and they all fall down

you've broken my heart
to many times to count
well now its time to
let it all out
i stand up tall and then
i shout
screw you all
i have no doubt
threw this game we all
shall play, another night,
another day
step by step
we stop and pray
f*** that's ***
we lay down as the
world turns to grey
we start all over
in a different way.

The sun turns gold
and lights the grey
threw the woods
and on our way
a new life,
a new game
wasting away
you may think I'm crazy
or even lame
but threw this world
I'll stay the same
i am me,
and forever
I'll remain,

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