June 6, 2012
By , Jupiter, TN
I can't help that I miss you
I can't help that I loved you
Part of me says you should've known
Part of me says you don't like knowing
But I should've known better
When you and me were together
Watched you drive down my driveway
Couldn't help that there was a smile on my face
Called you up and told me you found somebody new
Didn't I mean anything to you?
I gave you everything
And every part inside of me
Mistakes makes us who we are
But our mistakes went too far
Caught in the moment and lost my everything
Didn't realize it was the last day you'd kiss me
Only time will tell if I can heal
No one made me feel the way you made me feel
I'd kill to have you here
Can't you see you made me cry these tears?
I'd give anything just to get you back
But I know you're happy right where you're at

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