9/11 Firefighter

May 29, 2012
On the day of 9/11
A lot of people went to heaven, oh
Planes crashed through the towers
at about the eighth and ninth hours
Everyone is panicking
But don’t worry people are comin’
to the rescue
they will try and save you.
Some from 40/35
Almost all will die
They will be brave and strong
Fight to save your life
Cause thats what fireman do
They will protect you and each other
They are sworn to
thats what fireman do
They bravely went into the fire,
risking their lives to save others
thats what fireman do
A Brave man emerged from the ruble
Saved by a pho-to-grapher
He comes to be a hero to have made it through
The first tower had collapsed upon him
what were they to do
He had made it and ok
The next tower soon had fell
it was like hell
9/11 a day always remembered
The men saved others
But couldn’t be saved themselves
They will live on in
our hearts
and that is just the start
Yes the men of 40/35
the heroes of our time
thats what fireman do (x2)

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