One Chance

May 21, 2012
Verse I:
It starts the day you were born,
Your very own little storybook.
All through your life, you’ll make it your own.
Don’t be afraid, it’s alright.
Because you only get one chance at life.
You’ve got to make it your own,
Put up a fight.
You can build it on up,
Or tear it all down,
Because you only get one chance at life. (x2)
Verse II:
Year after year, page after page,
Filled with all your memories.
Surrounded by the people who make you feel right,
Doing the things you do that make you feel alive.
Life lessons learned,
Some friendships burned,
All rewards earned,
Make you who you are.
Family merged,
Some secrets heard,
Your spoken words,
Make you who you are!
(Chorus x2)

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