That Day

May 21, 2012
Listen, honey,
we don't have much time for misery.
Times so far have been too stormy,
but they won't some day.

Until that day, I'll sing about you
in every waking moment.
Until that day, I'll talk to you
in my prayers.
Until that day, I'll kiss and hug you
in every dream I dream.
and I hope you think of me
whenever I think of you.

I won't let a day go by,
Where I won't look up at the sky,
and pray to heaven- Please try
to unite us some day.

(Repeat chorus)

I'll run to the nearest phone,
Say "Baby... I'm tired of being alone.
You are my heart's home.
I'm tired of waiting for 'some day'. It is that day"

It is that day. I kiss you like there's no tomorrow.
It is that day. I'll hug you and never let you go.
It is that day. Our hearts never strayed.
And you thought of me
whenever I thought of you.

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