Live Life Loud

May 21, 2012
By pupbrad BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
pupbrad BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Live Life Loud

“I’ve got a hankerin for something special. Tonight’s the night it becomes official. Don’t stop the rock, hold both your hands up, show these people how to shake things up.”

The crowd goes silent

It’s our time now

I stare ahead, excitement overcoming all other emotions

The music starts

“Someone throw your hands up! If you wanna take a chance, then you gotta sing a little louder. Lets wake this crowd up!”

All eyes are on us

Not a single noise besides us exists

We don’t just go through the motions

We feel them, we live them

“I’m not sittin down till I’m older and I’m not shuttin up till its over. Raise your hands and shout if you’re with me, then once we start it wont make a difference.”

All of us as one group

Our voices echoing throughout the theater

Once we start no one can stop us

We are one body, one voice

“I started figurin with good intentions. Listen up now, give me your attention. Don’t make a sound if you don’t believe me. You wont wake up, you’ll just keep living.”

All those who dare speak down about us,

This is our time

If you don’t like it, then deal with it

We’re here, and we’re not leaving

“If you wanna live life loud, throw your hands up. If you wanna scream and shout, lemme hear you. Takin all the fakers out if your with me. Everybody work it, just keep living.”

This is our song

No one else can claim it

This is our show

No one else can take it

Posers, beware!

We are the real deal

We do it best

And we’ll keep on giving it our all!

The author's comments:
This piece is based on my thoughts during a competition the Show Choir group I am in, John Hersey High School's Onstage, had at the Mundelien Show Choir Invitational. The song used is the opener in our show. This was our hardest competition we had, but we had started practicing for it for just under 7 months. This final performance was what all of our hard work was for. Onstage ended up making it into the finals, which no one in the group even thought possible, and we took home 4th place out of some of the best show choirs in the Midwestern United States.

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