Break Down

May 23, 2012
By scenegurr SILVER, Kenmore, Washington
scenegurr SILVER, Kenmore, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"it's funny how when someone breaks your heart you still love them with all of your pieces"

You find it hard to seem happy when everything around you is so sad, you don’t want to be around nobody because everything that happens around you is bad
when you’re at school it seems like every time you turn around someone’s talking about you behind your back, if they knew what you were going through they’d regret what they said and that’s a fact
when you get home your parents are yelling and screaming like you’re not standing right there, all this stress and tension is almost impossible to bear
chorus: it seems like everybody’s breaking’ up, everybody’s dying’, everybody’s moving’ away, the only time you laugh is when you forget to cry, and whenever people look at you all you want to do is hide
because when he left you had no one else to love, and when she died you just couldn’t stop crying and when they broke up all you could do was feel their pain, and now imbeded in the back of your mind is the memory of what there used to be
oh want to hide

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