Waking Up with You

May 23, 2012
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Quotes for V.P. Quotes
Verse 1: my eye lids are so heavy at night, but sleep is out of sight
'cause i can't my mind off off of you, i'm so lost at what to do
whether or not i fall asleep, where i'm at is such a nightmare, as
long as your dreaming somewhere i can't drown in the scent of your hair
and that place is too far away, we could change that there's not much you'd have to say just tell me,
Chorus: in the morning when i wake, should i nudge or should i call
should i even wake you at all, should i let you sleep or
should i wake you just in case you can't wait to see my face
to me it doesn't matter, as long as i'll be waking up with you
verse 2: nights feel so cold, thy wouldn't if i had you to hold
to fill my bed, and prove my happiness isn't dead
is what i want insane? just to rid myself of pain
and to see you smile, be happy for at least a while
this is all i want no lie, lay back down and i'll tell you why
verse 3: this is not just a one night stand, i won't let go of your hand
i'll hold on as long as you want me too, how long that is i haven't a clue
it's a part of my future, part of a mystery, filled w/answers i can't see
and as the days go by, not much happens to answer why
to at least answer me who? cause i just want to know if it's you
it hurts not to see, please understand, explain to me

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