May 23, 2012
By Anonymous

Round, round, you're spinnin' round
Your life goes round and round

I gotta reason to rap cause my God is king
Just like a gospel singer's got a reason to sing
And like young David used to play his harp
Presenting praise and worship in the form of an art
I selected a direction, I'm going one way
I gotta motive and a reason to say what I say
Telling you about a friend, you need to know Him
Christ the Messiah is the Savior of men
I presented my purpose, now present to me yours
To boast and to brag the most is no chore
I don't mean to sound negative, ain't puttin' ya down
But it appears kinda clear that you're just spinnin'-a-round
Round, round, a-ra-a round, round
You're spinin' round
Round, round, a-ra- round, round
On your way down
Round, round, a-ra-a round, round
Christ must be found

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