The Love That Never Happened

May 6, 2012
Have you ever looked into his eyes And thought you were in paradise?

Floating through the clouds, never wanting to leave

Have you ever looked right at his smile

And thought the brightness would make you blind?

Smiling at his smile, you seem weirder than weird.

Have you ever listened to his voice,

And thought you were his only choice?

Skimming through the rules of real love.

Well I'm hoping that you haven't, felt the love that never happened.
In the fairy tales they say everything that will not happen.
I hope you hear this song and you never sing along.
Cause it's the worst love song

Did he smile at the sound of you coming around?

Ignoring all the signs. Thinking he missed you.

Did he laugh at the time, that you fell but asked if you were fine?

You thought he loved all your flaws.

You reminisce every move, that he makes that's close to you.

Your friends think that your obsessed.


When you heard him talk did you think he was talking to you.
Of course it was her, that's nothing new.
But you were the one that he loved first , or second...
But probably the third
It's tragic to hear your heart
Stop beating for way too long

I hope it wont happen. To feel the love but nothing happens.
In the fairy tales they say everything that will not happen.
I'm mad I heard this song and I'm mad I sang along.
Cause it's the worst love song
It's the worst song to sing along

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