This Is Personal

April 27, 2012
This is getting personal
So hard for me to breathe
Slipping down my sleeve
I just want to be me

This is personal
I tried from the start
No one said it'd be hard
But God why are you so far, away

Are you abandoning me
Leaving me to beg on my knees
To let me be
This is getting personal

I cut one by one
Asking for the the sun
To help me move on
This is personal

Taken for granted
How much more can I take it
Hold on my heart says
It's just one more day
Sweeping my tears away

This is personal
Well it might not just be me having this feeling

I'm still here to stay
No one can kill me that easily
This is personal

So I'm here to tell you
That what you're going through
Will be okay today because its no longer personal

Please comment this will truly help me. Love you

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-youngbrownpoet- said...
May 22, 2012 at 2:01 pm
This poem is amazing because it lets a reader go into the mind of someone who doesn't have a perfect life. I know this because I am far from having one myself. But it is the hand I was dealt much like you with your life. Keep writing t_g. Seriously.
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