May 5, 2012
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Heart on my sleeve, no that’s not me
I act like I don’t feel; I’m still trying to heal
If you check out my back you’ll see scars from attacks
But here I stand- do you know who I am?
I live in a box
No way in, no way out
Got dozens of locks
I’m safe here without a doubt
I liked my box
Why’d you have to come and ruin it?
You tried to lure me out
Why can’t you see when you’ve been through hell with me?
Every day you used to say it was gonna be okay
But how can I believe you when you continue to
Make me what I’m not? But in case you forgot
You got me to talk
Made me like what I am feeling
Past me you walk
Baby, my head is reeling
I liked my box
Why’d you have to come and ruin it
I want you to lure me out
My box, my home, my sanctuary
Thought I was safe, but now I’m wary
Every time you try to lure me out
I’ll sink further in without a doubt
Why do you try to set me free?
Why do you care about someone like me?
First Chorus
I hate you for making me like what I am feeling
But I love you for wasting your time on hopeless healing
If you walk by one more time, I’ll hit the ceiling
And I’ll let you lure me out

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MollyJ said...
May 19, 2012 at 12:33 am
This is the first song that I wrote and recorded when I was only 12.  I performed it for Alice Cooper's Proof is in the Pudding competition - you can find it on reverbnation and itunes.  Hope you like it!
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