Hold up

May 11, 2012
By Angellynn1996 GOLD, San Francisco, California
Angellynn1996 GOLD, San Francisco, California
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Ok, hold up
Movin’ to fast
So Satan can’t
Catch me

Runnin’ for
Like the cops
Gonna chase me

Ok, run fast
God on my side and
Don’t look back

Runnin so fast
Like i'm in the Kentucky derby
Leavin’ my sin behind
Cause Jesus died for me

Ok, run fast
Leave sin behind
Like broken glass

Shattered and torn
Thrown around
Sin left layin’ on the ground

Look what god did for me
Why don’t you go ahead
And read John 3:16

He died on that cross
For you and me
God is Good
He created all things

(Repeat all 2xs)

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