Scared Of The World

May 9, 2012
By BabyKeeKee BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
BabyKeeKee BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
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There is a little girl
Who is scared of the world
Her mama left her all alone
And her daddy was always stoned
She has no life
Living day by day
The only thing she knows
Is how to pray
She crys for help everyday
Asking someone to find her a way
A way to light
A way through the day
A family that will love her
And will always stay
There is a little girl
Who is scared of the world
Hurting non stop
The pain is excrusiationg
As she screams
Stop the hurt and pain
Please its killing me
She walks alone
In the valley of death
The little girl is crying
Tired of being on her own
The little girl has no heart beat
Shes not here anymore

The author's comments:
This peice is about a little girl who is scared of the world, because she is all alone and is forced to grow up fast or something eles will happen.

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