Setting up Disappointment

April 27, 2012
By Brokengirl07 PLATINUM, Roy, Utah
Brokengirl07 PLATINUM, Roy, Utah
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Scene one curtains open up
The girl tries to stand up tough
But the story behind her tears
Is a bit to much, she's falling
The diemma is she sees how it ends
But not how it leads to where she is

Everyday plays out the same
She hopes for the guy that never came
A day dream lets her fade away
Life's passing by
She wont notice she's still dreaming

Scene two lights fade in
She's ready for her prince to come in
He's missed his cue
But still she seems to wait
She has hopes for him
He's gonna show oh oh he's gonna show


The final scene she's still waiting
She just won't give up
Everyone see's her hopeful eyes
Glazed over with so much doubt
She gave herself away
And her youth had nowhere left to stay
She bows out to the guy that never came

He still never came...

The author's comments:
Well I really liked this one kid, and well he took far to long and I moved on. I was done waiting, and he never came. But we're still friends and I still have hope.

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