Shoot Me Down

May 3, 2012
Just leave me there
And let me bleed all my love out
I don't love you anymore.
how could you do that to me?
I thought you loved me
(thought you loved me).

Shoot me down with you gun 'n' heart in hand.
Fire away, what are you waiting for (take your best shot).
I've had enough of you
You don't have any guts
I cant take this anymore
Didn't you now how i felt when it came to you.
I would love you for ever more

Just shoot me
Shoot me down (now)
Just shoot me...
Ohhhh... yeah..
How many hearts have you stolen?
Will it ever be enough?
All these questions twisting turning in my head...
Was it worth it?
Just answer me this...
Did you ever love me?

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