The Bad side of Winning

April 29, 2012
I hear the voices in my head
who come around me every night
who tell me dream until
I’m dead until I
blow out the light
And then I’ve seen you

Again watch you come into my dreams
And flaunt around what you haven’t
tell me shut up
stop being mean
Tell me just how you’re gonna get
That and now

I just can’t see you hurt
Or injured or heartbroken
And all that’s left’s a memory
of us spending time as close friends
and now that’s

Gone and now the game is won
And the prize has just been taken
see you in the corner crying
on the floor and I can’t bear

To see you so alone
but all you do is scream
and tell me that it’s my fault
And that I’ve finally won

Now you can go on spreading rumors
Sweet and innocent as ever
tell me that you won’t ever lose

Again and now the game begins
and the races start on over
Yet now I’m a spectator
but I’ll never bet on you

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