Eye Candy

April 13, 2012
By Anonymous

Coming out from the first day of school
You’re eyes tell me what you’re think ‘bout
Period 1
You look at me , I look at you
Wondering when everything’s gonna be fine
You tell me , I tell you
How much I wanna be with you
So c’mon c’mon
Eye candy look at me baby now
I can’t wait to tell you how I feel
Eye candy you look at me baby
Eye candy I see you smile
Eye candy is everything’s gonna be fine
Summer’s up
Standing at the backdoor of your house
I see you fighting
I tell you everything’s gonna be fine
You look at me and say that
You’re so glad to have me around
Eye candy baby I’m so in love with you right now
Eye candy you hold my hand
And say that “you’re sorry”
Eye candy you say that you love me
Eye candy baby we both holding on tight
Eye candy everything’s fine now !!

The author's comments:
My fight with my best friend inspired me about this. because when you fight with your loved ones you truly acknowledge their importance in life.

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