Fall is

April 25, 2012
Fall is here on this crisp aired windy day.
I can feel the wind whirling around me, lifting,
Up leaves and spinning them through the sky. They weigh,
Nothing when up in the air. While I’m hearing,

The crunch of the leaves as I walk I look,
Up at the trees bare without any leaves, I
Think of pumpkin pie, the turkey we cook,
And the pumpkin patched we go to. My

Pumpkin has to be big. From the crunchy leaves,
To pumpkins galore, crisp winds to costumes,
Of Halloween. Autumn is here, lets achieve
In school and think of the smells of fall’s fumes.

Fall is here so let’s go and get our rake.
Fall is here and it’s about time to bake.

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