Stop Kony

April 25, 2012
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He's takin' kids
From there

Makin' 'em kill
what can i say

oh look at what he's
doing to them
it breaks my heart
to see there suffering


those kids
are being torchered
there the same as your
son's and daughter's

think of those kids

now think about '
if those were your kids
how would you feel
(how would you feel)

If your kids
were going through this

If this was happening
in America
it would have
already been
takin' care of

they wouldn't stand by
and let it fly

They'd end it

If this was happening
in the UK
they'd say
hey wait
now hold my
fish and chips

this ain't gonna
go on
we hold strong
end the suffering
(end the suffering)

If this was happening
in England
they'd say
bloody 'ell
whats going on

so why don't
we intervene
why don't we
end the suffering

if we pull
it together
we can end this
like birds in
a feather

Stop Kony
whatever it takes
end these kid's
this ain't right
to stand by
we need to
get up and fight

They don't know
what to do
there like
me and you

little kids
all the way
to teens
are suffering

we need to stop kony
we need to stop him now

because if this
was goin' on in our town
it'd be over with
by now

we need to stop kony
we need to stop kony
stop kony
stop him now

stop kony

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