I'm On A Train

April 21, 2012
Woah, get your conductor hat ready it’s about to choo-choo (I think I can)
Everybody in the station climb aboard (I think I can)
But stay on your twinkle toes!
We’re railing this, let’s a go!

I’m on a train (I’m on a train)
I’m on a train (I’m on a train)
Everyone look at us ‘cause we’re riding on a train (Riding on a train)
I’m on a train (I’m on a train)
I’m on a train
Take a good hard look at Thomas the Train (Thomas, yeah)

I’m on a train look at me
Straight riding on a train on the cold, metal railway
Rusting 125 miles, steam covering my overalls
You can’t stop me cause I’m on a train

Shoot a photo, Thomas (The train)
I’m on a train (Train)
We drinking diet water,
Cause it’s so healthy (Healthy)
I got my conductor hat,
And my over- allys
I’m riding in the locomotive, you in the caboose
Straight eating my steam

I’m riding on the roof, dancing and stuff
The train’s picking up speed, steaming along
But this ain’t a toy train, this is real
I’m on a train, singing this song

I’m on a train and
It’s railing fast and
Even Thomas the Train
Is falling behind
I’m the Queen of the world
On a train like Trevithick,
If you’re at the station,
Then you sure ain’t me chick!

Get on up, this train is REAL!

FOO boats, I’m on a train, Steamin’ (Steamin’)
FOO planes, I honk the horn, Steamin’ (Steamin’)
I’m on the roof with my girls, Steamin’ (Say whaaa?)
This train engine makes noise, Steamin’

Hey Lonely Island if you could see us now
Choo-chooing all day, we avow
Gonna ride this train to Russia somehow
Like Fredrick Caleworth, I’m the Big “O”!

Yers, never thunk I’d be on a train
It’s a dark, metal rail-road (Yeah)
Look at me, woah (Work it)

Never thunk we’d see the day
When a steam train railing our way
Believe us when we say
I think I can!

I’m on a train
We’re on a train
Everybody look at us ‘cause we’re conducting a train (Oh yeah!)
I’m on a train
We’re on a train
Take a good hard look at this hotshot train! (I think I can, yeah)

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