Win This War

April 17, 2012
By TheStandard BRONZE, YOUNGSVILLE, North Carolina
TheStandard BRONZE, YOUNGSVILLE, North Carolina
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You Only Live Once


I'm gonna fight
until this battle is done
I'm gonna strive
until this battle is over
I'm gonna
Win Win Win Win Win
this war!

Verse (1)

Now lemme tell you bout a time when I
Was walkin down the street all alone and I
Saw a man he was limpin down the road
His clothes were torn and he had no home
He was pretty bad off but smiled anyway
Meet him on the streets and this is what he'll say


Verse (2)

Know a lady she was livin with her man
Bruises and scars why dont she take a stand?
He'd knock her out cold
Plain beat her in the head
Saw the girl the other day and with a smile on her face
This is what she said


Im gonna win win win win win this war
this war
this war
this war
(ad lib)

The author's comments:
This is my first full song ever! Enjoy!

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