And Then There Was You

April 17, 2012
By iCheeto PLATINUM, Cape Coral, Florida
iCheeto PLATINUM, Cape Coral, Florida
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Nobody told me
How to find my path
Nobody told me
How to take the little things in my life that had fallen a part
And weave them back together again to create something new
Nobody was there
To hold my hand and walk me through the times when I broke down and cried
Nobody was there
To catch me when I fell off the peak of my life that was so full of hurt so full of pain
Nobody cared
And then there was you
You showed up one day when I was going insane
And then there was you
You broke down my walls
Taught me how to fall and how to stand up straight
And then there was you
You found me confused
A pawn in this crazy game and you never let me lose again
And I thank God for you
Mama told me
Stop fooling around you'll
Never amount to anything
Papa told me
Get your head out of the clouds
Keep your feet on the ground
Start taking life seriously
They would say in my ear
Life is a contest
The ones who win are
The ones who stay a part from the rest
Be the best
Let no one in
And then there was you
You introduced me to love
You taught me how to dream
How to wish upon a star and how to
Make them come true
And then there was you
You dried my tears
You chased away all my fears
And every night before I go to sleep I
Kneel down beside my bed
I thank the earth the stars the heavens that are reaching seven skies high above my head
For leading you to me

The author's comments:
<3 Love is special, and everyone has that special someone out there in the world that's just waiting to meet them <3

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