April 16, 2012
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school.gurl94 BRONZE, London, Other
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Favorite Quote:
You can only do it, if you think you can.

Chorus 1:
Numb by the pain, frozen in my heart
Numb in my mind, paralyzed by love
Numb to love, I can’t feel anything

Verse 1:
I loved you, with all of my heart,
but you tore me apart
I told you my dreams for my life,
it was a big sacrifice
I trusted you with my pure love,
it was as pure as a dove
I needed you, 'cause I loved you,
I didn’t love you 'cause I needed you
I knew everything about you,
wouldn’t just that do?
I felt the pain that you felt,
it's amazing how i dealt.
(Chorus 1)

Verse 2:
Can’t you love me?
Couldn’t you have loved me?
Did you ever love me?

Can’t you tell me everything?
Couldn’t you have told me something?
Did you tell me anything?

Can’t you trust me?
Couldn’t you trust me?
Did you ever trust me?
(Chorus 1)

Verse 3:
Don’t you need me?
Couldn’t you need me?
Did you ever need me?

Don’t you know me?
Couldn’t you have known me?
Did you ever know me?

Don’t you feel me?
Couldn’t you feel me?
Did you ever feel me, beside you?
(Chorus 1 and 2)

Verse 4:
I can’t love anymore,
I can’t tell anyone, anything,
I can’t trust again.

I don’t need anything,
I don’t know everything,
I don’t feel anything.
(Chorus 1 and 2)

Chorus 2:
I am numb, I am numb.
Totally paralyzed, totally frozen.

In my heart, I am numb.
Totally frozen, I can’t feel anything.
I am Numb

You walked away from OUR dreams.
I waited so long for you to return.

Can’t you see?
I am numb.
Totally frozen.

The author's comments:
Pain had me numb, and he was the number one in my life...and he left, but the reason I am getting this one done, is because, I don't feel this way anymore at all. I did. For the longest time, I was numb.

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