Alone Forever

April 20, 2012
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(Verse 1)
She never had time for me.
She was never home.
She said she loved me.
Then we lost our home.

I was taken away from her.
I haven’t seen her in ten years.
I try to remember her,
but the only thing that comes is tears.

(Chorus 1)
Is there something wrong with me?
Did she really even want me?
Will anyone care to hear me?
There is no such thing as a happy family.
Alone forever is what I’ll be.

(Verse 2)
At eighteen I still haven’t heard from her.
I have now given up on love.
I waited so long to hear from her.
She had lied, there was no love.

I rejected every guy I met.
I was afraid to hear “I love you” again.
My life was for God’s pleasure I bet.
I just pray it won’t happen again.

(Chorus 1)

(Verse 3)
One day I get a friend request on facebook.
It’s someone that looks just like me.
I only needed one look,
and I rejected her like she did me.

How could my mom do this to me?
I don’t even know her anymore.
Why is she doing this to me?
I don’t care about her anymore.

(Chorus 1)

(Verse 4)
Three years go by and I get a call.
Got the news my mom died.
I actually didn’t want this at all.
I somehow wanted to believe she never lied.

They told me she left one thing.
It was a letter to me.
After I read it I knew one thing,
she was sorry she couldn’t tell me..

(Chorus 2)
There is nothing wrong with me.
She really wanted me.
She cared to hear me.
There is a such thing as a happy family,
but alone forever is what she’ll be.

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EbonyandIvory said...
May 21, 2012 at 12:45 pm
you are very passionate at what you do! keep writing
Kparker27 replied...
Feb. 20, 2013 at 6:17 pm
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